Coach Pete has an extensive background in boxing. With 20 plus year of experience in promoting, training, and representing boxers nationally he is a gem to the gym. His passion for the sport is far more than anything else. He not only trains kids and teens but serves as a role model and takes them under his wing.


Coach Joseph 'JOE' Rivera and Mrs. Denise



Coach 'G' has been coaching at 713 Boxing for 7 years. He works with all the kids helping them have strength and condition. He also works closely with the amateur and professional  fighters to ensure they are ready to compete. Coach 'G' is also an official and a judge for USA Boxing.

Coach Alan is not only a coach. His son is a boxer who trains at 713. He has been coaching and training for 2 years with the amateurs. He also builds some of the equipment that the gym has to offer. By doing so the gym benefits in having personalized equipment that you will not find around anywhere.

Dwayne Muhammad has been in the boxing scene for years. Coaching future prospects for 5 years he brings experience, dedication and a lot of old school techniques. Golden Glove winner in 1972 and Gulf AAU Tournament in 1972 & 1973. He is sure to give you workout. 


Coach Mike is one of our strength and conditioning coaches for our amateur and professional boxers. He’s been in the boxing scene for 5 years. As a amateur boxer 12 years and as a coach. He brings a military strength and conditioning technics as a bonus. Although he is  very strict, dedicated and highly motivated he is the right one to have in your corner.




Coach Joseph and Mrs. Denise started 713 Boxing  Gym over 12 years ago. Prior to that they were in the boxing scene with their children. Having trained his son and having obtain several trophies he decided to open his own gym and give it a go. Since then the gym has gone through many changes and many challenges. Although, challenges come and go we have manged to keep strong and be here for all  of our students. 
​713 Boxing  takes pride in having helped a lot of troubled kids through out the years in Aldine and North Houston community, they have helped young life youth groups. 

Volunteering in several Toy drives for Christmas and cooking teams like Texas Finest smokers. All this with support and time of the gym family. Teaching the kids that boxing is not just punching but also a sport of the heart and soul.

Coach Chuy began his training at a very young age and joined the 713 Family while he was in his teens. He religiously trained and represented 713 Boxing as a amateur boxer . He won several important tournaments and championships throughout is  amature career including  Several Golden Gloves Tournaments, The Horn & Ringside World tournaments just to name a few. After an accident not related to boxing he decided that the best thing to do was to not fight anymore. Because of his passion for the sport he then came back to train and help other kids out. He became a Coach and a model for other youths that come into the gym. He has taken several nutrition courses as well as fitness and wellness certifications. Coach Chuy is also in charge of the nutrition of all the kids and competitors. He specializes in customizing weight cutting and re-hydration programs for pro and amateur athletes. He is certified by Lockhart And Leith Nutrition Services. He promotes safe practices in the unique weight cuts associated with weight-class specific sports.